The Strongest Dog in the World

The Strongest Dog in the World

The Strongest Dog in the World

This is about how we found The Strongest Dog in the World. We at BfitandLive thought long and hard about how to get things kicked off on the blog. We could have went many ways but we would have been remiss to not introduce our new mascot Spike, "The Strongest dog in the World."  We came upon Spike in the alley ways of Chicago chasing 35 pound rats while mowing down garbage cans. We followed him back to an abandoned garage which doubled as his makeshift gym. We found a complete set of TRX straps, free weights, a smith machine, and some 80's VHS exercise videos of Olivia Newton-John. With paw to his chest he swears the leg warmers weren't his. At any rate, we knew he was perfect.

Vital Stats:

  • Height - 16 inches
  • Weight - 82 pounds
  • Length - 36 inches
  • Tongue - 24 inches
  • Body Fat - 4%
  • Breed - English Bulldog
  • Favorite Exercise - Planks
  • Favorite Floss - Furniture


BfitandLive - Why do you call yourself "The Strongest Dog in the World"?

Spike - I'm pretty jacked if you can't tell from my stats I'm about 16 inches off the ground and weigh in at 82 pounds with 4% body fat (which I keep because I live in Chicago)

BfitandLive - Ah, I see humility is one of your key strengths then?

Spike - Huh?

BfitandLive - Why did you decide to become the Mascot for BfitandLive

Spike - I believe that anybody with the right Motivation, Information, and Support Structure can make a huge impact in their life through fitness/nutrition. As The Strongest Dog in the World I feel I have much to offer. My goal as a Mascot for BfitandLive is to help people turn their life around.

BfitandLive - Tell us about your exercise regimen

Spike - It ranges widely honestly. Growing up in the tough streets of Chicago I had to learn to defend myself.  I found a boxing trainer on BfitandLive and honed my skills. I also picked up the Israeli Self Defense Krav Maga. Those combined with a healthy diet and meditation to Himalayan Monk chanting have really balanced me out. I can pretty much whoop any critter out there.

BfitandLive - What is your favorite exercise and why?

Spike - Planks, I can do them all day without barely trying

BfitandLive - Supplements, what do you take to maintain that physique? What are your favorites:

Spike - I don't take supplements, they take me

BfitandLive - You're a bulldog, that brindle color is kind of rare isn't it?

Spike - Yeah, I'm 1/4 tiger on my mom's side. Something about a crazy night in the zoo, I never got the full details from my mom

BfitandLive - Thanks for doing this interview Spike, we look forward to working with you on this project

Spike - "Squirrel"


Want to get a hold of spike?

Email - spike @

Twitter Handle - @spikethefitdog 




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